Monday, June 17, 2013

Start of Summer

Summer at our house starts with school winding down for the kids, goodbye parties and Quincy's birthday on the 15th of June. Summer is officially in full swing when Tilda's birthday comes around 2 weeks later. As I have written before, summer has that bittersweet feeling of another year gone... more so than New Years, for me at least. Along with me, both kids turn a year older during summer months. Summer marks the end of one year and the begining of another. 

The kids are happy that summer is finally here but they are also a bit sad because they’ll miss their friends. Tilda starts school in August and it will be a new life for us all. New school, teachers and new friends for Tilda, daycare without Tilda for Quincy and two drops-offs and pick-ups for Tony and myself.

But for now we start summer with a new daily rhythm. With all the summer light the days last longer and we find ourselves outdoors much more than usual. More ice cream, more grilling, more wine, more late nights just hanging out. More time to plays games or watch movies. Schedules are a bit more relaxed; the days go at a slower pace and seem to last much much longer. 

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  1. Kommer gärna ut och hälsar på er på ert landställe. Hör av dig. Sommarkram från Lena som blivit farmor.