Monday, June 10, 2013

Sarah in Stockholm

Jumping for Joy: when she said she was coming... I asked if she'd already bought a ticket. "Not yet" she answered. Yep... ok she's not a coming. It's a nice idea but Los Angeles, California to Stockholm,  Sweden is not a short, cheap or common trip. I've lived here 8 years this month and until last week only one friend has visited (me). A week later I get an email. "Take the days off work! Tickets are booked"

Day 1: Sarah gets right into Swedish life with a herring burger! It's not for everyone but if you like to really get get down and dirty with native foods when traveling then... Sarah did! And, she was glad she did!

Day 2: Back for more herring burgers. Yes, they are really that good. I'm not sure what is but you put salty fried fish together with lots of red onions, cucumbers and a light but flavorful white mystery sauce and it becomes addictive.

Swedish Summer Nights: it is 9:25PM and the sky is still light. The days really are longer when the sun goes up at 3:30AM and goes down after 10PM. Good thing is there is more time for ice cream.

Tourists are always amazed at Swedish Summer nights. Sarah and I walked up to the top of Södermalm and watched the sun set with about 2 dozen other tourists whom all had camera in hand.

Archipelago: Stockholm has the largest archipelago in Sweden and the 2nd largest in the Baltic. Not a common known fact to all tourists, apparently. Who knew? Stockholms archipelago extends almost 40 miles and has hundreds of islands.

Fjäderholmerna: Sarah and I took a 30 minute ride on a ferry to the island of Fjäderholmerna. We picked the perfect day and spent a good long time lounging in a outdoor cafe, drinking lattes and just catching up on life.

Stockholm: Seriously... it is such a beautful city. As a resident you become blind to the beauty that surrounds you every day. I am so happy that Sarah came and was able to see where life has taken me. It is such a long way from Los Angeles and New York.

Smörgarsbord: We went all out on the traditional Swedish smörgåsbord. Instead of picking a total tourist place in Old Town I decided to step it up a notch with The Grand Hotel. The food was amazing!! We did 6 courses of food food and 2 courses of dessert in 4.5 hours! That's a lot of food, people.

Atmosphere: We were so lucky that they were renovating the veranda where they usually serve the smörgåsbord... so we got to sit in the formal royal dining room ("where Bill Clinton ate and drank a diet coke"). The atmosphere made the experience so much more special.

Day 5: On Sunday we spent the entire day with the kids. As they are in school they didn't really get to spend that much time with Sarah but on Sunday they made up for lost time. They are still talking about you Sarah and it's now been over a week!

Good with Kids: before you have kids you have lot's of friends that are awesome when it comes to having a good time, great when it comes to talking about politics or art, fabulous companions when it comes to road tripping it across America. Some friends are really great until you have kids and then they are like... "give me a call when you find a babysitter". Not Sarah... she is great in all those situations plus has the most amazing energy with kids. I was blown away! The kids really appreciate that they could use her cell phone to look at pictures and after spending a fabulous Sunday together Tilda got really sad when she heard Sarah was leaving the next day.

Tilda's portrait: She's not bad... my little photographer! Here we are taking a little break after a long day wondering around old town!

Flaten Lake: Just before Sarah was about to pack we took a long walk behind our apartment. It was 9PM and the light was perfect... the heat of the day had settled down and we just tried to take in what a frickin' amazing few days we had just had!

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  1. What a lot of nice pictures with Sarah in Stockholm!!! Right season to be in this town. Kram Cecilia